Why Vila Madalena ?

The hostel’s location was carefully chosen so that it was situated near the points of public transport, restaurants, pharmacies, supermarkets, bars, bookstores, bakeries, mail and others.

That’s why we settled in Vila Madalena, also known as Vila Madá: neighborhood famous for being considered a haven for artists, intellectuals and bohemians. In its streets of exotic names you can find almost everything.

For day trips, the neighborhood offers great attractions like the Beco do Batman, an alley that became an open air gallery with works of renowned graffiti artists nationally and internationally.

For those who like shopping, the neighborhood has numerous second hand stores, workshops, bazaars, decor shops, clothing, among others, both contemporary and retro style. A good option is to visit one of the most famous fairs of São Paulo, which takes place every Saturday at Praça Benedito Calixto, and check out the stalls of crafts, antiques, toys, collectibles, decorative items and more. At the heart of the fair is also a food court with typical regional dishes and live performances of Chorinho.

For the lovers of good food, you won’t be disappointed at Vila Madalena, with its bistros, cafes, coffee shops and restaurants of typical and international food, ranging from homemade foods for great cuisine of renowned chefs. On Sundays the same street of the Hostel it takes place the Feirinha Gastronomica that gathers outdoor tents of foods and snacks prepared by chefs and students of food with affordable prices.

In the late afternoon, one great option is the Por do Sol Park. Everyday, couples, families and groups of friends gather at the site to watch the sunset in the fantastic view that the square offers.

And at dusk, the bohemianism fills the streets of the neighborhood where there is a large concentration of bars, pubs and clubs for all tastes (electronic, jazz, Latin rhythms, swing, rock, etc.). In some bars there are performances of Samba, Choro, MPB and Bossa Nova.

For the weekend sport lovers, you can practice slackline in the squares. By the way, the square José Carlos Burle (opposite the Hostel) there is a sports field where the locals play soccer and even Bike Polo. Mondays it’s worth checking out the meeting point of practitioners of Malabar, known as Circus Alley.

Some unmissable events that happen in Vila Madalena are the irreverent blocks in Carnival and the Street Fair of the Arts in August, where there are musical performances, food courts with typical dishes, besides the exhibition of art and crafts of many artists

Anyway, the location of the Hostel was chosen to bring guests to this cool neighborhood, rich in culture and leisure, and at the same time, be far enough of the noisy bars to not disturbe a good night’s sleep.